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Quickly, I would like to address some of the lies of a so-called church. When you mix facts with lies, I do not regard you to be credible. Never would I take you serious. If you are fighting a cause, come out clean and clear.
Isaac was arrested? The question I would like to answer is: why was he arrested? Zingak Deshi (a puppet of the white supremacists at the Reformation Baptist) alleged slander and wrong dismissal against Isaac. I was privileged to read the accusations and NEVER was issue of sexual abuse in the home mentioned. The police investigated and the law stipulates he has to be released on what we term 'bail pending completion of investigation'. The alleged crimes are bailable and the police are obliged to release him within 24hrs.

You need to be educated that it is not possible for you not attain a trial and be given judgement in your favour. It is a lie that he never appeared at the trial. That would have mean the court giving a judgement in default against the accused/respondent (as the case may be). On the day of the judgement he was present in court. Your contacts are not credible. It is either Zingak or his counsel that would give that information. Be wise to ask for judgement of the court. It is open to people. I don't think they will give that to you because they will want to use such an avenue to make money from you guys. Trying a matter for a second time in a court would amount to double jeopardy and our law forbids it. One can only appeal.
You are comfortable portraying the institutions of my state as being irredemably corrupt. That's what losers do. Looking for excuses for their failures. Think of the evil in your country and leave us to our problems as a nation. Fight pornography, the daily attacks on blacks and other other evils that your country has not been able to overcome.

Say things the way they are and not manipulate facts to your own financial advantage.
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